has your solicitor taken too much of your compensation?

has your solicitor sent you a bill and you feel you have been overcharged?

Dispute Legal Fees

how to dispute legal fees

Solicitors in England and Wales are very highly regulated and they are not allowed to overcharge you for their services. We dispute Solicitors fees, and if your Solicitor has breached the Solicitors bills rules you may not have to pay anything 

However, only an expert will be able to determine this and negotiate a reduction on your behalf, if you wish to dispute legal fees or get back some of your compensation we can help.

You should have been advised by your solicitor in advance what their services would cost and kept fully informed as your case progressed. So, if the size of your final bill or the amount they took from your compensation is a surprise or shock, then there is something you can do about it.

Now you know this important information, you’ll appreciate why it is in your best interests to allow experts to deal with your solicitor and negotiate a reduction rather than attempt it yourself. It’s more likely an expert will achieve a higher reduction in your solicitor charges without the stress and worry of potentially damaging the relationship you have with them. In some cases, you may have nothing to pay your solicitor at all!

Our Legal Costs Lawyers have worked in the Legal Industry for decades. Therefore, we are fully qualified to check legal fees and dispute legal fees. This means that we are well versed in solicitors billing processes, how they construct their files and the work they do. An assessment of your solicitor’s charges will provide clear indications of excessive legal fees or overcharging on the compensation percentage they take.

Because we dispute legal fees on a daily basis, which includes regularly attending court too, you can appreciate we know what we are doing when it comes to Solicitors overcharging and how to achieve the best results for you. We’ve decades of experience working for people like you, acting for private individuals, small businesses and large national companies alike. No case is either too big or too small.  Our goal is simply to reduce your solicitor’s bill with the solicitors bills rules and save you money! or get you a fair compensation payment.

IMPORTANT! If we do not reduce your solicitor’s bill or get you some of your compensation back then we charge you nothing!

Yes, that’s right. If we have been unable to help then we do not deserve to be paid. Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to lose and the risk is ours.

So, rather than put yourself through the stress of handling this personally, let experienced, professional negotiators dispute legal fees for you. So if you want us to help Dispute Legal Fees or get a fair compensation payment all you need to do is pick up the phone and call and let us do the rest.