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This is what Mr Kelly a Director from Eddie Stobarts had to say about us after we helped reduce his invoice:

“I contacted Challenge My Solicitor when our company wanted to know how to check the solicitors bills rules, we received a excessive bill from our Solicitor following a contractual dispute. I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was, after my call I emailed my bill to them and they contacted my Solicitor direct. The next contact I had with my Solicitor was him offering me a 44% reduction of his bill, saving over £13,000.00 I received a brilliant service with a great result!

From receipt of her first phone call, it took just 3 weeks to reduce the solicitor fees for Mrs R from Brighton by £1,250 – a reduction of 42.5%.
This is what she had to say afterwards:

“I am very glad that I contacted Challenge My Solicitor to help me check the solicitors bills rules and my solicitor overcharging me. They secured a substantial rebate from my solicitor’s bill. I was not aware of the solicitors bills rules which should apply or how the bill should be calculated. It was clear to my solicitor that the representative from Challenge My Solicitor knew what they were talking about when it comes to solicitors bills rules.
The Legal Consultant assigned to my case explained every step they were taking to me and unlike my solicitor exactly what their services would cost, which were very reasonable. Until the problem was sorted, I felt I had been exploited and there was nothing I could do.
Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you. I would urge anyone who is unhappy with their solicitor to contact Challenge My Solicitor straight away.”

We recently helped Mrs Devon:

“I contacted you a little while ago now to help me to check the solicitors bills rules, you kindly offered to help me with my bill which my solicitor insisted I pay immediately. I have been very distressed due to this and didn’t know what to do. I contacted you and you have been such a help and advised me what to do. I managed to get my bill reduced substantially thanks to your advice. The solicitor I hired claimed he was the best in his field, worth the travel to his offices and a ‘Rottweiler’ . It turned out he was, but towards his client! I cannot recommend you highly enough. I am not familiar with solicitors bills rules and your help steered me through. I just wish I had your advice before I hired him. I urge anyone needing help to call Challenge My Solicitor so that they can be given sound impartial advice.​​

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